What if they had a debate and no one came?

The last presidential debate is occurring in 2 1/2 hrs, but

What would happen if no one watched or listened?

How would anyone know of the wild accusations and aggressive posturing?

If the candidates debated but no one hear them, would it still be a debate?

And what would the cable news channels do? If no one watched or listened?

Would they shift to prison documentaries? Or cooking shows? Or 60’s TV?

And what would the sponsors do?  Would they still pay for commercials if no one was watching or listening?

If not, what would they do with their advertising budget? Sponsor stories about dogs? Horses? Martitians? Dolphins?

If the debates were not watched or listened to, what would the candidates do with the TV budget?

Would they run public affairs messages about gun violence? Poverty? Same sex marriage? Cannibis?

And what would happen in my house?

Wouldnt we sleep better, and await the ballots mailed out in Oregon?

If we voted, would the political ads cease?

What world am I living in?

Yours. Yours and mine.

We can stop this nonsense.

If we refused to be gawkers at the spectacle; if we don’t listen, or watch.

What if we prayed instead or talked to our neighbors?

Our muslim neighbors, or LGBT neighbors, or black neighbors, or republican or democratic neighbors.

What if?

What if this is all just a bad dream?

BUT it is real and you must vote. vote. Vote or else it will just go on and  on.

See you in the sauna.

I love you.

– Small town boy


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