I’m at a loss for words


Where did all my words go?

I haven’t been using them, bit of a dry spell I’m afraid.

But someone has scared them, embarrassed them, misused them,

With lies, lies, lies pretending they are just hyperbole.

Apparently words are offended by this and are on strike.

They want to go back to a better time,

When a man’s word was his bond,

When my word meant something,

When, if I gave my word, you could depend on it.

Words left because everyone on cable news ‘spinned’ them

Any which way, each side’s surrogates spininning and spinning and spinning

Untill all the words got dizzy and lost their way.

Now where are they?

I think we need to  encourage  them a bit,

Use small simple words at first,

Like love, hope, and charity.

Then we can work up to larger words, if we treat them with  respect,

Like caring, sharing, and brotherhood.

See, my words are coming back,

They are right here for you  to know

that I love you.

I mean it.

You have my word.

-Small town boy

this was a gift of cupcakes from my muslim neighbors, whom I love.

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