Oh my God!

OMG is used too often these days in texts and facebook.

I have come to that place in my life where I must examine

What it means to me, what it wants of me, what I have to say about it.

If talking about God bothers you, stop here.

If you have the same quandry living in your head, continue.

God recently has been spending a lot of time with me, the Holy Spirit that is.

He has become real for me. I named him Jeff, presumptuous as that might be.

I start each day by saying hello and repeating the names on my prayer list.

Names of my family, names of those with disabilities, those with cancer, and the new lady at church last week (I told her I would keep her in my prayers.)

My prayers are more like conversations, “Good morning; how are. You today?”

And “I celebrate that I met my Greatgrandson yesterday. I ask that you watch over my cousin in Vietnam this week. How about them Cubs? ”

And then I open myself up to what He has planned for today.

I purge my mind, my heart, my body, and my spirit, clearing junk out like the new app on my new cell phone cleans junk out of its memory, so as to power up the work it must do.

Then I simply state that I am open to what the day brings, good and. bad.

All of this is a result of my spiritual path that is a result of my new church that encourages direct involvement instead of mediated involvement through someone else.

So He and I have figured this way of dealing with each other.

And I have to say I like it.

I’m only telling you this because it’s true, for me. Really, really true, as true as my sweet dog Tawny.

But you have to figure out your way. I suggest some alone time, prayer and meditation, but whatever works for you.

When you are ready.

He is ready.

He loves you, and I do too.

– Small town boy


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