What is sex?

Does it mean the same as gender?

Gender is which kind, yes?

Sex is what you do with it, no?

Is sex what you see in cable TV movies? What we used to call por n?

Are you offended by sex? Afraid? Excited? Addicted?

If you do it alone, is it still sex? Or is it just self flagellation?

Does sex sell cars? Clothes? Alchohol? 

When you have sex is it about love?

Or is a fuck just a fuck sometimes, as a young person recently explained to me 

Like taking a shit?

Is sex just procreation, as in arranged marriages?

Or as in young single mothers and men with multiple children from different women?

Is same sex sex? Is it better or worse? Without worries of procreation?

Do women make better lovers?

Is sex and love the same? Did I already ask that?

Sex sex sex…. Everything advertised is tainted with sex. Subliminal sex.

I think sex should be intentional, don’t you?

Whether you save it or give it away freely or sell it or buy it,

It is a great gift from God, so enjoy it as much as you can, soon you will no longer be able,

And then you may wonder what all the fuss was about?

Hold on to your memories.

Sex resides in you to be shared with others or enjoyed alone.
So be it. Let it be.

– Small town boy

PS, nudity is not sexual, though you can enjoy it naked, Yes?

PPS, DO PLANTS ‘have’ sex? Do fish? Rocks?


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