I can’t love you anymore.

Damn auto correct.

I can’t love you any more .

I’m still learning to love you and I’m sharing as much as I know how.

Please God, help me to love you more.

My pastor says prayer is listening.

I’m listening, ok.

Alright, the tv news is on,

But I’m thinking about listening, Really.

(Please ignore any further Auto correct. Can I turn it off?)

Sometimes I’m so full of love it spills out over anyone nearby.

Sometimes I feel like I have barely enough for myself.

I know the more I give the more I have, but

I’m here at the beach, alone,

Listening for love.

Shhh, hear that?

No, it was nothing but the wind and the surf.

Or, was that you? Blowing me a kiss?

I love kisses.

– Small town boy


The Vote

January, 2017

Women hold about 20% of all elected offices in the nation, states, cities.


0 US Presidents

104 in US Congress (19.4%)

75 Governors (24%)

1832 in State Legislatures (24.8%)

Women in the US got the vote on 26 August, 1920 (My mother was 10)

Men lost the vote on 26 august, 2020 (100 years after women got the vote)

It all started on 21 January 2017, the Women’s March.

After three and a half years, men’s suffrage came to an end.

Men’s names were removed from voter’s rolls.

Men were no longer able to hold public office.

Men in the military were restricted to noncombat zones.

Men’s place was now in the home.

Washing dishes, keeping house, caring for children, gardening, etc.

Men were secluded during the nine months of pregnancy of their woman, and the days of menses.

Boys were required to finish the eighth grade only as they were deemed unable to do any more.

All legal documents were rewritten to be signed by women, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The bible was rewritten from a woman’s point of view.

All books were rewritten telling of the heroic tales of women.

All teachers, administrators, professors were women.

All doctors, nurses, and medical support were women.

Professional sports were turned over to women.

All news anchors and all news women were women, and all talk shows on radio and TV.

All reality shows were about women.

All workers in car plants were women, and in airplane manufacturing too.

Only women drove big crew cab pickups. 

All CEO’s and millionaires and billionaires were women as women assumed their rightful role in business.

All priests, pastors, ministers, rabbis, and Islamic religious leaders were women. 

All philosophers, writers, gurus, and philanthropists were women.

Women held elections to replace men in public office.

Women replaced police officers, though fewer were needed.

Courtesy meant women held doors open for men, the weaker sex who were unable to govern themselves.

Men’s dress changed to emphasize their male beauty: backless gowns, short mini skirts, cod pieces.

And the same scene was repeated around the world,

As men stepped down, and women stepped up.

What did God think?

She smiled.

-small town boy


Do you do jigsaw puzzles?

My mother and her husband John always had one going in the screened-in porch at the rear of their house in Longmont. When they had time they would stop and put in a piece or two.

I’ve recently had the time and interest to pursue this hobby.

Actually, I would get them started and rely on one of my two daughters-in-law to finish them. Either Debra Due or Karis, depending who was at the beach house after I got tired if working on the puzzle.

How many pieces can you do? 500 or 1000, or more?

I try to limit my puzzling to 500 piece puzzles, else they never get done or put away.

I get free puzzles at Fitness Over Fifty, the gym where I work out, or at Goodwill, or last Christmas I won one at a white elephant  game at the dinner for Dial-a-Bus drivers.

Before Christmas I brought home a free 500 piece puzzle of a basket of fruit from FOF. My great grandchildren, Angel and Dashawn, helped me with that one. Their eyes are better than mine.

My wife gave me a 500 piece puzzle which I worked on at the beach on a card table so as not to take up eating space while working on the puzzle. It was of an old rusted out panel truck/flower garden that I did myself.

The anomole in this puzzle was an extra, duplicate, puzzle piece .

I know that crossword puzzles are supposed to help memory loss (or do they just makes you better at crosswords?) But as part of my senile dementia is lack of focus, or distraction, these jigsaw puzzles help me stay focused. (The irony here is that I raised two sons who were ADD and ADHD. Now I understand them better.)

I find that if I get up and walk away from the puzzle,  I can find that piece I’ve been looking for for the last five minutes is right under my nose.

So here I am a alone with some beach time after New Year’s day, and I choose a free 1000 piece puzzle with no daughter in law in sight. (Karis was in Denver working on her own 1000 piece puzzle of Doors!)

I struggled with my thousand piece puzzle.

Do you do edge pieces first?

The only way I could find them was to sort through small piles, moving them from box bottom to box top while putting only edge pieces on the card table. Then I could focus only on edge pieces and not try to turn them over at the start.


I continued this procedure throughout puzzle assembly. Never having too many pieces out of the box.

The good thing about this big puzzle was that the picture on the front was quite helpful in locating the puzzle piece’s final location in the puzzle.

I say “final location” because sometimes I had to take pieces out that were in the wrong place, as shown by the inability to place a correct piece in a neighboring spot.

There were thirteen pieces missing from this puzzle, an additional small setback in the face of the 987 other pieces.

My friend Joanne tells me to make my own  pieces, but then she’s a quilter.

On to the next puzzle.

– Small Town Boy