The Vote

January, 2017

Women hold about 20% of all elected offices in the nation, states, cities.


0 US Presidents

104 in US Congress (19.4%)

75 Governors (24%)

1832 in State Legislatures (24.8%)

Women in the US got the vote on 26 August, 1920 (My mother was 10)

Men lost the vote on 26 august, 2020 (100 years after women got the vote)

It all started on 21 January 2017, the Women’s March.

After three and a half years, men’s suffrage came to an end.

Men’s names were removed from voter’s rolls.

Men were no longer able to hold public office.

Men in the military were restricted to noncombat zones.

Men’s place was now in the home.

Washing dishes, keeping house, caring for children, gardening, etc.

Men were secluded during the nine months of pregnancy of their woman, and the days of menses.

Boys were required to finish the eighth grade only as they were deemed unable to do any more.

All legal documents were rewritten to be signed by women, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The bible was rewritten from a woman’s point of view.

All books were rewritten telling of the heroic tales of women.

All teachers, administrators, professors were women.

All doctors, nurses, and medical support were women.

Professional sports were turned over to women.

All news anchors and all news women were women, and all talk shows on radio and TV.

All reality shows were about women.

All workers in car plants were women, and in airplane manufacturing too.

Only women drove big crew cab pickups. 

All CEO’s and millionaires and billionaires were women as women assumed their rightful role in business.

All priests, pastors, ministers, rabbis, and Islamic religious leaders were women. 

All philosophers, writers, gurus, and philanthropists were women.

Women held elections to replace men in public office.

Women replaced police officers, though fewer were needed.

Courtesy meant women held doors open for men, the weaker sex who were unable to govern themselves.

Men’s dress changed to emphasize their male beauty: backless gowns, short mini skirts, cod pieces.

And the same scene was repeated around the world,

As men stepped down, and women stepped up.

What did God think?

She smiled.

-small town boy


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