I can’t love you anymore.

Damn auto correct.

I can’t love you any more .

I’m still learning to love you and I’m sharing as much as I know how.

Please God, help me to love you more.

My pastor says prayer is listening.

I’m listening, ok.

Alright, the tv news is on,

But I’m thinking about listening, Really.

(Please ignore any further Auto correct. Can I turn it off?)

Sometimes I’m so full of love it spills out over anyone nearby.

Sometimes I feel like I have barely enough for myself.

I know the more I give the more I have, but

I’m here at the beach, alone,

Listening for love.

Shhh, hear that?

No, it was nothing but the wind and the surf.

Or, was that you? Blowing me a kiss?

I love kisses.

– Small town boy


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