Life lessons from a jigsaw puzzle

At a certain point in  time when youre putting a puzzle together, it seems like all the pieces are coming together all of a sudden,

Other times, you can’t find the next piece to save your soul.

Often, well, occasionally, the piece will hide from you,

Not among the waiting pieces so carefully laid out so you can see each one,

But already in place, in the wrong place.

Some pieces fit into the wrong place, with a little effort, and prevent other neighboring pieces from assuming their rightful place. The place God meant for them, or at least where the puzzle maker had in mind when he/she cut out the puzzle, with his/her jigsaw.

The wrong piece wanted to fit in and had no patience to wait for the right fit. Although he was uncomfortable there because of the bad fit, he stayed anyway.

Finally you get to the point of the puzzle assembly where you notice that the reason you can’t find the piece you’re looking for is that it is already put in the puzzle elsewhere.

This takes some close looking to see that the pattern doesn’t match or that there is a slight crack where the close fit is supposed to be.

However, smiles return when the unfit puzzle piece is placed in the slot made for it. It is comfortable, well adjusted, and a contributing member of the puzzle as a whole, with its many and diverse members.

The puzzle isn’t complete until each piece fits in.

Get the point?

– Small town boy


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