No clothes on

If you want to know how it feels, then take your clothes off.

Feel it? Skin’s a tingle?

Find a mirror and take a look.

What do you see?

This is the vehicle God gave you to walk around in.

Lots of special features:

Eyes that can see and transmit to the brain.

Ears likewise.

Tongue is not much different, things taste the same with or without clothes.

Nose likewise.

Feeling is greater, more exposed now.

What’s the other sense? The sixth sense?

Oh yea, it doesn’t change much either, in less new insight into being clothes free counts.

Now go do something: wash dishes or laundry, sweep or vacuum.

Feels good, yes?

The nervousness that someone might see you is cultural shame. Pretty strong, I admit, but with practice, it lessens.

Fix something or build something or, as I am doing just now, write something. Things seem to work better, with some titilation that helps the job go better.

Sitting in front of a computer or Television does note seem to be enhanced, unless you are folding clothes at the same time.

Reading is better when you’re more alert, sensitizing, feeling everywhere on your body.

Tasks are easier, go quicker, and are more fun when the clothes are off.

Social nude recreation is not the point in this discussion. If you are interested find a nudist club or nude beach.

What I’m working here is just between you and… well you.

As you feel more comfortable being clothes free, you will find opportunities to go outside.

Now your skin really feels a difference.

I recommend sandals if you are walking or hiking, having tender feet myself.

This is a good time to center yourself.

Calmness is helpful when naked.

It just feels good, sans textiles.

Eventually you will consider being naked in the company of others, it’s not only for sexual reasons that we undress.

Calmness is helpful here also.

Wow, no big deal, after some initial discomfort.

We are all naked apes.

We need to recognize that and honor our God given bodies.

Well, have fun.


-Small town boy


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