Costume, Disguise, and Character

Whether your costume today is: rural/farm, ethnic/kilts, formal/suits, hats/coats, burning man blue, hair (facial or otherwise), clown/red nose, sports/swim, or nothing at all,

It will be your costume.

It will, like it or not, reflect you, though in disguise.

Which one is the Real You?

The one you wear today?

You can’t not dress in costume/disguise.

The more you try, the more you are in costume

For your role today.

 But don’t judge the book by its cover

The ultimate purpose of costume, is to reflect character.

Character is you at your core, your core values,

Your rep, your reputation, your innermost strength, your self.

What a character.

So this is a gentle reminder,

To stretch your image today by wearing something flamboyant,

Or something that reflects ethnicity or gender or sexual preference,

Move out of your comfort zone.

There is no easier way than costume.

-small town boy


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