On Valentine’s Day I will give all my love away

I will give you love on February 14, Valentine’s day.

I will give love to anyone and everyone I meet, until it is gone.

I have love to give my family, lots and lots.

I have love to give my dear friends, oh so much.

I have love to send to those I once loved and still carry in  my heart.

My love will go to my dog, a golden retriever named tawny,

Because she is a love sponge and will take all I can give.

Love one another as I have loved you, so

I will love the stranger on the road, the homeless in the shelter, and those without.

But I have love for the rich and powerful too!  Even he  who  must not be named.

I’m not sure how much love  I have, but I will give and  give untiil I have none left.

How much do you want? You can help yourself to as much as you want or need, and 

Thereby help me to empty my heart.

When I was 75 I gave love notes to 36 people, telling them “I love you.”

But that didn’t seem to diminish the love I held on to.

I have loved my spouse for 45 years or more, and while it wains and wans, it is just as strong as ever.

Tell me  anything else that grows as you try in vain to give away only grows and 

Maintaains the fullest  level you can retain.

It doesn’t work to give it away..

It only diminishes when you keep it, as in a bottle, corked, and unable to go to others.

You don’t have to hate others to lessen the love  you have, ignoring, keeping them at a distance,

Spending it all on yourself or things or closing your eyes and your heart,

Will decrease the love you have to share?

No, not even that, for as soon as you hold another in your arms, your heart burns brightly again.

So try as I might, whether on Vaentine’s day or otherwise, There is no end to the love I can  give,

As there is no end to the love.

So dear one, I love you, and hold you in my heart, forever.




Love is an ocean

Love is an ocean whose waves glide onto the sand shore,

Where Sandpipers dance.

In my heart there are waves of love,

Beating against the driftwood of my ego.

Your heart feels the tide, awaits the moon, and

Digs in the sand, deep holes, three of them,

To bury your losses.

Now that you have detached, you can join me

In welcoming the tide, high or low, that feeds our soul.

Your soul and mine,

Whose joint love has created others, children, grandchildren, and great graandchildren

Who are islands in the sea of our love,

Protected by the shoals of coral we have grown around them.

Free to make their own dugout eventually and escape

To the sea

Where they build their own lives 

On their islands,

Because of us.

I am a nudist. Can you tell?

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me nude on the beach?

Nude doing housework?

Nude on a hiking trail?

Then how do you know?

How do you know how much it means to my skin?

How do you know that I’m happier?

I feel that as a nudist, I need to be nude, as much and as often as possible.

I believe in social nudity, not just at the nudist club where I am a member, but

In public too, with you.

I have been in countries where public nudity is accepted.

The accommodation to nudity in public is the same as in a private club.

One is not excited about anyone who is without clothing.

It is a common thing, and reasonable since we are all nude at sometime.

So come be with me when I’m nude,

And maybe you will want to too?

Or at least get used to it and relax,

Because you will be seeing a lot more of me!