Teens today

The magic kids taught me something during the March for Lives. Not about gun violence, though I agree with them in that. No, it was about teens and their promise to America and Democracy.

As a former high school teacher, I have worried about the world we were leaving them. I am worried no longer. Sure problems are rife, sure there are almost insurmountable problems too, and for sure the world teeters on war, again.

But what I realized is that these kids are super capable. It is to my discredit that I forgot what kids are capable of. My heart soared like an eagle when I saw the numbers, the intelligence, and the motivation for change through the democratic process.

Be aware that this is the start of something big, not just gun control, you would underestimate their power if you marginalized them in that way.

They will march, protest, vote, support candidates, oppose others, and make America Great again but this time following democratic principles. Teachers, congratulations, they were listening and now they are ready as the times demand that someone takes a stand.

They are the children of America and they know what to do and are unafraid to do it.

Get out of the way, salvation is at hand. God bless them, each and every one. I ain’t worried no more.


My dog doesn’t meditate

It’s a dog’s life, right? Tawny thinks so.

I don’t see her meditating, often begging or looking humble, but not deep in thought.

She drinks out of  mud puddles, rolls in dead birds or dead fish,

And she’s nuts about rocks.  She tosses them on the sand and digs craters around them.

She’s sleeping now.

It’s rainy and windy at the coast today, but

She’s a water dog and she goes out to pee or dump or smell the smellls.

Maybe it’s her acute sense of smell that allows her to be mindful and in the moment.

Her only anxiety is when I get the ball and the flinger and head for the beach,

And then she dances, right if front of me all the way to the beach..

Is dance anxiety? Or the way to remove anxiety.

For her it’s cathartic

I used to have dogs that dreamed and legs a flying and muffled barks to accompany,

But I don’t think Tawny dreams. I could be wrong about that.

If she would meditate, would that mean she has chakras? Seven of them? A third eye?

I don’t know what she would be doiing with  them, she barely understands when I’m meditating; she just wants to be with me.

Does she have a sixth sense about this?

What is her vibration? 4th dimension? Her former lives? Has she always been a dog?  Was she a dung beetle before, or a prince? Does she have spirit guides? Or is she my spirit guide. I’ll have to think about this.

OK, I may be wrong. Perhaps part of her napping, like me, is meditation, guided or no?

I often wonder what she’s wondering about me?

I think it’s, “When are we going to play on the beach?”

-Small town boy