The Hot Wheel and the Cell Phone

The Hot Wheel and the  Cell Phone lay on the living room floor,

Amid the detritus that the baby left about.

“La la da da la la da da da da de da!” Said the 1.5 yr old boy,

Just after his first trip to the playground at the park,

First swing, first slide, fine time with his 28 yr old father.

“La la da da la la da da da da de da!”, said the grandpa,

And the baby looked at his father, like, What’s wrong with grandpa. Why is he speaking gibberish?

And the father rests on the couch, after the playground field trip,

And the child wonders about talking into  the  wireless phone, with batteries removed,

And then tries on two of grandpa’s hats, discarding both as too big,

One a black Pendleton cowboy hat, and one a leather baseball cap.

Off he goes, full of energy tapped and sapped from adults in the house,

And charges across the floor with a wooden car, saying “”La la da da la la da da da da de da!”,

Which means the car  is running, engine loud, and look out!

The dog hides behind the couch with me, out of the way of the speeding auto,

And the energetic young boy.

How has the boy learned all  this in 18 months of life?

What else will he pick up and try to understand and try to explain/interact with others?

I wish another pre-verbal would be here.  Would they understand each other’s jibberish?

He’s a Jabberwocky! (Not from Star Wars or Star Trek, that’s a combination of Jabba the Hut and The Wookie.)

He’s his own inner child.

He’s the center of the universe.

So who minds picking up all the mess?

– Small town boy


How to be an old man

No one told me, and now I’m 76, and I think you should know:

-You are not going to die tomorrow, or anytime soon.

-Those aches and pains are not going to kill you, they are just aches and pains.

-You can’t do everything you could when you were younger, but you can do somethings. Do what you can.

-so you are alone and lonely, maybe this is a good time for that? There are still friends and family around, but you have time to think now, plenty of time.

– Get to know yourself and appreciate what has brought you to this point. You have been with you for a long long time. You know yourself best, so trust your intuition in this.

– Move ahead with out expectations, and let go of connections and the past.  You will die, alone, it’s a journey you only can take.

– Plant some flowers.

– run around the house naked, you know you have always wanted to.  And by the way, is there anything else  you have been  putting off?

– Love everyone, including youself, including those you don’t like, but especially those you do.  And I mean LOVE them with all your heart.

– Take time each day to meditate, in solitude, in a special place, and listen.

– While you’re nakid, dance. Dance by the light of the moon. Dance while you are cleaning. Dance with your dog. 

– Don’t worry about your memories, they will still be there, so think about the now. Be present in each second remaining. You have nothing left to achieve, but each moment, each day contains something special just for you.

– Eat what you want. Your body knows what it likes and  will tell you.

– Take time each day to create something.  It can be art, cooking, gardening, a new friendship, or a new hike.

– When you get a hug, take it and hold it and feel it. It’s for you.

– Don’t try to kiss pretty women. they don’t like it.  If you are able to kiss someone, kiss them on the forehead just between the eyebrows, the third eye, the pineal gland.  That is where it doens the most good.

– Turn off everything and just sit, or go outside, or take a nap.  This is the very best time for naps.  You can takes as many as you want, as often as you want, and whereever you are. A short nap will perk you up better than a cup of coffee.

– Journal.  Leave your thoughts for you to read later. You will be surprised at what you wrote, or drew, or thought, or the places you went.

– Dream. don’t bother writing a dream journal. It doesn’t make sense later. But sit and think, where would i like to be? What would I like to be doing? Who should I share my love, my day, my dream with.

– Talk to God, however you perceive Him/Her to be. And then listen.

And finally, listen to Doris Day.

– Small town boy