On being early

I’m half an hour early to church today.

Some would say being early is rude.

Unfortunately I’m genetically predisposed to being early.

I was an hour early Friday for a CT scan of my lungs.

The receptionist was embarrassed for me when she explained my appointment wasn’t until 1:30. The nurse cut her lunch short to squeeze me in early.

That was kind of her.

When I did image processing training for teachers I was told to show up an hour early at the site of the training to head off any surprises, like electrical or computer problems.

The need not have told me.

I’m an early bird anyway.

Maybe it’s because I’m excited to be there?

Maybe it’s because I want to get a head start?

But I find advantages to being there before all others:

– I can take time to write, like now.

– I can take time to meditate and/or pray.

– I can go for a walk, and pick up litter.

– I can sit quietly as others buzz around preparing for the day.

– I can listen to the birds and meet new people.

So, I guess there is really no apology necessary.

If you’re coming to church and see me sitting quietly in the steps, join me,

And we’ll talk,

And I’ll tell you about my new puppy and his first play date last night.

It was exciting.

– Small town boy



New puppies allow you to start over.

Old puppies pass on leaving an empty heart.

The promise of a new puppy fills an empty heart.

Where do puppies come from?

Where do old dogs go?

Puppies come from heaven, the angelic puppy mill.

Old dogs learn new tricks up above with those who have gone before.

My old dog hangs around, playing on the beach where we played before…

She also woke me to tell me what the new puppy’s name is:

Toby, means God is good.

She did not have any puppies of her own and was given too soon for complete canine socialization,

So… It’s a new beginning, see?

Where did the puppy go?

Where does the puppy go in the heat?

To the yard?

To the sprinkler?

To the wading pool?

The puppy went to the garden,

To lay in the cool shade, on the cool earth, hiding among the irises.

Where did the puppy go in the noon day sun?

To Alaska ?

To the beach?

To the movies?

The puppy went to the garden again

To lay in the cool shade, on the cool earth, hiding among the tiger Lillies

Where you going now sweet puppy?

To run and run and run?

To get a drink and eat some puppy lunch?

And to lay down, PLOP, and take a nap.

I found him by the chair by his crate with his squeaky snake,

That Tawny left for him to play with. ❤️🐕

– Small town boy

Puppy Thoughts

I’m sleepy. I think I’ll take a nap.

Oops, gotta pee.


Oops, gotta pee.


Play time.  Squeaky toy!  Chew toy.

Cuddle time.  Where’s a lap?  Will you sit with me?

Snuggle time. Where’s my soft elephant? my soft donut? Squeaky toy?

Can you play with me?  Do you have some of those chicken snacks from this morning?

What is that clicking noise?

Nap time.

Oops, I gotta pee.

Food? Water? Cuddle?

Let’s play. Let’s play tug-o-war! C’mon, let’s play.

You can’t be tired already!

Oops, gotta pee and poop. Let me out of the house!

Oops, sorry.

WHINE, why am I left alone?

WHINE, come back.

Hooray, Angel is home from camp.

Hooray, Dashawn and his friend are here to play.

Hooray, Tavin is here. He snuggles best.

Nap time.  Zzzzzz.

Oops, gotta pee.

– Small Town Boy


Goodbye Tawny

Tawny, my friend of fourteen years died on the operating table last month, victim to abscesses in her teeth, jaw and bulging near her eye.

I haven’t been able to say goodbye, yet.

I feel her near me; I look for her when I enter a room, I walk with her in the park yet, and on the beach.

She still lays at my feet and crowds me out of my bed at night.

She helped me pick a new puppy, a Golden Doodle I will pick up in Bend Monday.

She helped me name him Toby.

Although I like the thought that she went through the doggy door in the pearly gates, I like it more when she is with me yet.

So it’s not goodbye, just so long till next time.

I love you dear one.

– Small town boy