The Foolish

The fool archetype:

The Fool/Jester archetype urges us to enjoy the process of our lives. Although the Fool/Jester can be prone to laziness and dissipation, the positive Fool/Jester invites us all out to play–showing us how to turn our work, our interactions with others, and even the most mundane tasks into FUN.

If I am foolish,

I jump out of the box,

I push the envelope.

I am creative.

Humor is my life’s blood.

Shame has no place in my foolish world.

To be quiet is not foolish.

You’re not foolish when you are in a rut.

The foolish are shocking, startling, and unexpected.

Share your foolishness with others, with the world.

I cannot love foolishly, for with each effort I lapse into sincerity, obligation, and deceit.

Who loves a fool ? Everyone.

Who wants to appear foolish? No one.

Let go! Let go! Let go!

Do one foolish thing right now.

I am writing a foolish poem right now.

I’m smiling and feeling happiness.

I love the fool in me, and all the things he does, right or wrong.

Do you think me a fool for telling you this?

– Small town boy


Life Quilt, row 5, #2 – Costumes

This shirt, while wonderful to wear for a motorcycle ride or an OSU event (whose colors are black and orange), the memories it most brings to mind are about Halloween. My Halloween costumes often involved tee shirts.

The darkness you see isn’t dirt. Look closer and see a skull and crossbones, subliminally scarey I guess.


why? Potassium deficiency caused massive low glucose


We went to Disneyland, I got sick but kept taking my metformin which resulted in low, very low glucose, which resulted in my delusions, which resulted in being hospitalized (see hospital bracelets above), twice, and getting potassium pumped into my hand. This had happened once before as a result of eating too much soft licorice. It seems pure licorice root is a potassium depleted (diagnosis Betsy).

Adams High, 1974

Halloween at Adams High School:

I had borrowed Betsy’s kilt (mini skirt) for school. One of my students told me to keep my legs together because I was drawing flies.

Motorcycle costume (not Halloween)

The difference between motorcycle and motor scooter costume is reflective clothing and body armor.

Scottish costume

After I changed my name to McAnelly a couple years ago I began wearing clan tartans: red Ulster and McNeil.

Burning Man 2015 costumes

My costuming began with me: long hair (what there was of it) and long beard (with a curl).

And ended in my birthday suit

Which gave me my playa name, “Bare Necessities.”

Not my costumes:

Elmo bike costume

Full body tiger suit

My grandson

– small town boy

Life Quilt, square 5, Elmo

Elmo isn’t really my tee shirt, he belongs to Betsy.

The Elmo costume isn’t mine either, I just found it as I was putting my Bike Friday fold-up bike into its suitcase for transport to Burning Man 2015 in Black Rock Desert near Reno Nevada.

2015 was my year to go to Burning Man with my friends Joy and Ben in an RV we had purchased together.

But as I was getting my Bike Friday ready I remembered that I needed an “art bike”, one that was decorated or costumed and the Elmo costume fit the bill just fine.

The playa was not kind to the Bike Friday, Elmo, or any of the other things I brought. The alkali dust sticks to everything.

But I rode it everywhere and soon Elmo and I were beginning to be seen. I got the name, “Bare Necessities.”

One day as I was leaving the Semper Fuego theme camp where we were living, friends shouted, “Lloyd, look!”

And there on the street was an art car dressed as Elmo. I followed it to where it lived, only a block away and introduced my little Bike Friday Elmo to the big Art Car Elmo.

My little Elmo was so happy.

Now the Bike Friday is back in the suitcase and the Elmo costume is in the costume suitcase.

Till next time?

– Small town Boy

My poop bag is my moop bag

When I walk Tawny, my red Golden Retreiver,

I carry poop bags in a blue bone container on the leash, orange colored.

When she poops, I pick it up.

She likes that I do this for her; it is preferable to pooping in the back yard and getting yelled at.

I like it too because it stretches my back.

I went to The Portland Regional Burn last year on Memorial Day, called SOAK, held in Tyghe Valley neat The Dalles, Or.

There I was given a MOOP bag.

MOOP stands for Material Out Of Place. I learned to pick up even the smallest MOOP.
We argued about dead bugs, removing only those which were out of place.

One on Burning Man Principles is “Leave no trace!”

When I went to Burning Man 2015 at Black Rock Desert near Reno, Nevada, I picked up MOOP so as to leave the playa in as pristine condition as we found it.

I mean these folks are serious, they had rakes to find the smallest thing.

Is peeing on the playa MOOP?

When I returned I noticed a particularly littered corner on North Lombard in St John’s in North Portland.

How ugly I said. Someone should pick it up, I said.

And so I did, starting with a plastic bag I found in the litter and then filling it with the rest of the mess.

When I deposited it at the True Value’s trash can, a man said thanks.

So, now when I walk the dog and pick up her poop, I leave the bag open for the rest of the walk around the park and fill it with MOOP before I dump it in the trash.

I know of at least one other old guy who picks up too.

Probably he doesn’t know it’s MOOP.

– small town boy

New paths

There are new paths in the forest,

Paths I want to take,

Places I want to go.

I’m at a fork in the road.

I’ve been working to understand myself and I found these paths.

I want to walk the new way,

Expose myself to new feelings,

Try on new coats, and mix metaphors.

The me I’ve built has hidden

Some of me that wants to be exposed,

Tried, experience, and tested.

Who will be my guide in these new lands?

Will I be brave? Will I be honest? Will I be open?

Will there be someone to walk with me?

My confidence says yes.

My faith says yes.

My love of myself and others say yes.

I would like it if you came with me.

Come as far as you can go.

Talk to me, hold my hand.

And see me grow.

I love you.

-Small town boy 


Burning Man 10 principles

Let me try to put these ten principles in simple terms.

Once I found them I tattooed symbols on my wrist

So that each day they caught my eye and

suggested ways I could improve.

1. Radical inclusion  means everyone is included, even the rich.

2. Gifting means there is no transaction or barter or reprise. One gives and  another receives.

3. Decommodification means no commercial logos, even UHaul.

4. Radical self reliance means you do it. You may ask for and receive help, but it is ultimately your responsibility to do it.

5. Radical self expression (see Burning Man videos on Youtube)

6. Collaboration or group work. WE work  toteghter.

7. Civic duty means we police ourselves or others will.

8. Leave no trace means picking up the smallest MOOP (material out of place)

9. Volunteer. If I see you need help I help.

10. Immediacy, do  it now.

The two angels are my cousin whose playa name is Angel and my granddauther who defaultt name is Angel.

– Small Town Boy

Holding Hands

While I was meditating

Someone I love, or am learning to,

Held my hand.

A soft caress amidst my deep nothingness;

Interlocked fingers as we join;

One finger rubbing another gently,

Opening and closing in a warm embrace.

One keeping the other warm as cold is detected in the fingers, with love.

The blood rushes to be at the site where touch is, and then returns to the body

To share this touch sensation with others who are interested: the heart, the brain, and the spirit.

All are delicately revelling in a remembered hand clasp of another, a bonding, or an unsaid pledge.

Who is with me while I’m without clothes, thought, and movement?

No one.

There’s no one here but me.

-Small town boy



i am purged

I am open

I am overthinking the next step

I am willing to ride it out

I am intending to drift.

Drifting connotes passive acceptance.

Overthinking represents hyper cognition

It feels calm to drift

What’s around the next bend?

Curiosity is aroused

Faith is required

And patience.

And you realize you are advancing

But there is peril?

No false steps here

As I drift,

But sometimes the current is swift

And treacherous, but

All that is required of me is to sit back

And wait for it.

It’s not as easy as you

Might think.

So don’t, think that is.

Other forces spin out of control

But my course is steady

My future is coming 

And I am slowly drifting into it.

Praise be.

– Small Town Boy

Playa dust storm

Found and fed my cousin then

Went to her place to help build yurt.

It wants to be a hang glider.

Cousin wills it and us, her six helpers,

To proceed stepwise with a goal of completion driving her just ahead of the wind and dust.

Wearing goggles and masks

We seek to do her bidding until the yurt experts (those who built several across the street)?say stop! Don’t go any farther in the wind.

I get my Elmo fold up bike and return to our RV for food, water, rest, and sun lotion.

Except it is confusing with wind and dust to find my way two blocks home.

Looking for the yello fluffy camp nearby and the yellow Perske truck.

Dust swirls, I stop to seek kandmarks and find the flagpole sticking up above the dust storm, turn right and I’m home.

Thank god my friend put up aluminum foil on all the windows, but it is dark in here.

Where is everything?

It’s Okay, you’re here now.

Small town boy on the playa

Playa night

Or should I say playa evening’ or ‘playa sunset?’

But my anticipation grows. 

Our (the camp) art car is ready to roll.

Flashing streams of LCD changing colors

Strip the features of the Shuttle!

Even the side engines shine in varying hues,

Controlled by an onboard computer.

We will ride in it soon and see much more of the playa.

But that is not the sum total of my anticipation.

The dust is settled and soon the wind and then the pleasure of a walk about in the neighborhood,

But there’s more: the moon!

Beautiful queen of the night,

Nothing outshines you.

Dancing is never more fun, and I need to dance

In the dark

By moonlight

In the cool desert breeze.

Lord almighty!

I haven’t met many folks, 

But the desert and I are moonlight lovers.

Small town boy