Life Quilt row 3,#1 – the Tillamook Air Museum

After the other blimp hangar burned down with the hay stored in it, the Tillamook Air Museum was founded to show Naval aircraft as it was a naval air station housing blimps during the second world war.

Please note the clever background fabric Joanne found.

for more information on the Tillamook Air Museum and the history of the WWII Blimp hangars:

Other buildings that were once pare of the naval air station now house businesses.  We got cabinets from Trask River Wood Works (made with computer aided design, cutting, drilling and manufacture.) and my friends from South Dakota found a microbrewery here that I didn’t even know about last summer that makes  fruity beers (DeGarde Brewing Company

Additionally Betsy and I did a 6k Volksmarch next door at the Tillamook airport. We got a blimp pin to commemorate.

 So coming from the south on hwy 101, stop at the Tillamook Air Museum before you go on to the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, the Blue Heron wine and cheese store and the Tillamook Creamery, all favorite tourist spots in Tillamook county.

– Small town boy



Breakfast this morning: Raisin Bran and pressed coffee.

Breakfast yesterday, the same.

Breakfast tomorrow: Bare Naked granola and pressed coffee.

Breakfast in Hilo, Hawaii: fruit smoothies with fresh pineapple, mango.

Breakfast in Paris: espresso and croissants.

Breakfast in Dario, Nicaragua, red beans and rice.

Breakfast in South Africa: a full English buffet with bangors.

Breakfast in Calca, Peru: Peruvian coffee, and ….? I forgot.

Breakfast in Mexico City, Mexico at the dumps, OJ, …. I forgot.

It is a good thing I’m trying to remember these early morning reposts because with vascular dementia I might not remember tomorrow.

Breakfast at Rawah Guest ranch in northern Colorado: Pancakes (leftovers went to the braying donkey on the kitchen steps), OJ, and eggs.

Breakfast in Coleridge, NE: Cheerios (to get the western town on the back of each box)

Breakfast with my children: pancakes, eggs and bacon, every morning!

Breakfast camping with Boy Scouts: burnt pancakes.

Breakfast hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Logan bread and Morning Thunder tea.

Breakfast on Cycle Oregon: Pancakes and eggs provided by local people.

Breakfast on Great American Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River, brauts and beer (not really, but at some meal each day)

Breakfast in the military: ( I wasn’t actually in the military but I was in the AFROTC at U of Colo and traveled with the drill team) SOS. “Take all you can eat; Eat all you take.” “Edible garbage and non-edible garbage”

Dorm breakfast: oatmeal

Mother’s breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast.

Breakfast at my daughters: find your own cereal or go get doughnuts and coffee.

Breakfast on the road: the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s and coffee.

Number of people at breakfast: one.

–Small town boy

It’s not about the guns

It’s not about the guns, nor the second amendment.

These are the straw dogs everyone has constructed for us to argue about.

The issue is about people who kill people.

What can be done about that?

We waste our voices and our energy beating the dead horse of banning guns and/or allowing everyone, encouraging everyone to own a gun for self protection.

Self protection isn’t the issue either.

People who kill people are angry and have reached the end of their rope.

What can we do about that?

Some people in the commission of a felony kill people they come in contact with.

What can be done?

An armed response doesn’t seem to be helpful in resolving these issues.

Imprisoning a person for a long time is too little too late and doesn’t act as a deterrent, does it?

Self protection and deterrence miss the mark, no?

Also, you can have the best weapons, the best security, the best police and still people kill people, yes?

We deny basic human needs and are surprised when people kill people.

Poverty, physical abuse, bullying, loss of dignity, isolation, and war are a few of the operatives that drive people to kill people. You understand this, don’t you?

But it is much easier to point at guns or prohibitions or jail time or death penalty as quick fixes to a deep societal misgiving.

The next time you see someone hungry, feed them.

The next time you see someone angry calm them.

The next time you see someone isolated or harassed or bullied take time to get to know them and what is driving them to kill people.

The next time you face people who kill people think what should have been done yesterday.

The next time you find a boy with an arsenal sit with him and ask why he resorted to violence.

The next time you watch a violent movie or TV show, think of what it is doing to your mind, your heart, your body, and your spirit.

Then find ways you can reach out to others in need, before it is too late, before the think killing people is the answer.

You are the answer.

You can stop this, this killing of people.

Your concern, your reaching out, your love is more capable of stopping this than gun restrictions, jail times, personal security or death penalties.

Won’t you try?

It’s not about the guns, it’s about the people, and you’re one of them. You bear the responsibility for each and every fatality whether you own a gun or not.

Loving thy neighbor is not a concept, it is a mandate.

-Small town boy 


Try as they might, they couldn’t get close enough to the naked giant to see what he was up to.

Then Scott, one of the barnstormers  from the circus volunteered to fly his biplane

To the naked Giants shoulder to get a birds eye view of what was going on.

Everyone agreed that though it held hidden dangers, the idea was sound.

So Scott refueled his biplane and headed up into the clouds looking for the naked Giants shoulder, which all agreed was the best place to try a landing.

But the buzz of the engine in the tiny plane was nearly it’s undoing.

As soon as the naked giant heard the buzzing he started slapping at it, causing turbulence.

Right at the last moment the clouds cleared and Scott saw the shoulder he wished to land on, and down he went.

Scott could see no trouble from his high perch, but he did notice that the naked giant had lots of wax buildup in his ear.

Scott flew back to the ground for earwax candles to remove the earwax from the naked Giants ear canals.

First they lit the candle on the left side and removed tons of smelly earwax, and then the same for the right side.

The naked giant was so happy to hear what was going on that he sang a song: Oh Happy Day!

Everyone was happy. And Scott received a medal for helping the naked giant and the community.