The Ocean

God is like the ocean.

Powerful, beautiful, and dangerous.

S/He ebbs and flows with lunar cycles.

One can stand at the edge and watch or enter the surf and feel the power, straining against it.

In warmer climes, one can swim in the salty waters, until one is  out of their depth, but stll able to stay afloat, because of belief in the ability to float and swim.

There are boats on the water, large and small, some fishing the depths, some transporting cargo to unknown places.

There are animals near the shore, birds, crabs, sea lions, and sand shrimp, all occupying there own niche, all a part of the oceans ecology.

Am I part of God’s ecology?

In the depths, where I can not see, live giant whales, sharks, fish, octopi and squid, and so much more: diverse in nature but adapted to life in the sea, each having its own part to play, each a part of the food cycle.

Am I part of the spiritual food cycle? Whom do I prey (pray) upon, and who preys (prays) on me?

The sea has been here before me and will be here long after I’m gone.

As I stand here naked before it, arms upraised, willing myself to resonate with its roar, I await the day.

Resistance is futile, harmful, and not in keeping with why I was made, not in keeping with my basic, fundamental nature.

Being open and working with the forces present allow me to ride the crest of the wave, to receive the power offered, and to live with a force stronger than my own and feed as my soul requires.

Thank God for the ocean and it’s abundance.

The ocean is great and reaches far away past the horizon to where others stand by it and marvel at its grace, beauty and power, my brothers and sisters on this globe,

A planet, when seen from afar, is notable because it is blue,

Blue because of the ocean.

Let me sail forth today, find the spirit of God, and fish for the sustenance offered me.

Let me be with other sailors riding the wind and the waves, going together on life’s journey today.


– Small town boy


The Playa

The desert and i are getting acquainted.

She is a dry old lady with cracks and dust.

I dance in her breeze and she desiccated my balls soaked in sweat.

The night is silent and the space is deep.

The moon dressed in her golden frock blesses all below in anticipation of her imminent fullness. She will be full with succulent cheese, Gouda?

No saguaro here, no prickly pear, no creosote  neither. Nothing blooms on this desert, except people.

I have come to bloom.

I am here to burgeon with creative self.

I am here to express my unique vision of life, death and all in between.

I am here for eight days where Someone was for forty.

I am more available to God here and He to me.

Everyone here is available to each other and to themselves and to the wind and dust.

Can you feel the spirit Jeff? In the breeze? In the night? In the quiet which will soon disappear  (Jeff is my name for the Hiky Spirit)

I am here, to love you. Sit here with me in the night time breeze before the silence and emptiness vanish to dust and Burners.

Who am I that I should be granted such an audience?

I am no one. I am everyone. I am the man that I am.. Let me hug and let me kiss and let my live grow and flow over the playa and let it bloom in fabulous beauty hard to see in the bright solar heat.


Naked star gazing

At night the naked giants looked longingly at the stars.  

They sought their origins in the costellations.

But their vision suffered from myopia,

so the stars and the great constellations were but a blur.

There ears were no better, fitted for hearing things near, not far.

But they had a sixth sense, as only naked giants have.

Telepathically they searched and searched for other naked giants.

And what if they found them?  They had no transport that would take them there.

And what if they found them? Even if they could communicate by mind alone?

Then they would know. They would know where they came from

and that they were not alone in the galaxy.

That they were not freaks, unusual among those on Earth,

but with a shared genotype with others,

even if far away.

That is why they searched the heavens at night.

That is why they longed for response.

To end the lonliness.



Try as they might, they couldn’t get close enough to the naked giant to see what he was up to.

Then Scott, one of the barnstormers  from the circus volunteered to fly his biplane

To the naked Giants shoulder to get a birds eye view of what was going on.

Everyone agreed that though it held hidden dangers, the idea was sound.

So Scott refueled his biplane and headed up into the clouds looking for the naked Giants shoulder, which all agreed was the best place to try a landing.

But the buzz of the engine in the tiny plane was nearly it’s undoing.

As soon as the naked giant heard the buzzing he started slapping at it, causing turbulence.

Right at the last moment the clouds cleared and Scott saw the shoulder he wished to land on, and down he went.

Scott could see no trouble from his high perch, but he did notice that the naked giant had lots of wax buildup in his ear.

Scott flew back to the ground for earwax candles to remove the earwax from the naked Giants ear canals.

First they lit the candle on the left side and removed tons of smelly earwax, and then the same for the right side.

The naked giant was so happy to hear what was going on that he sang a song: Oh Happy Day!

Everyone was happy. And Scott received a medal for helping the naked giant and the community.

Naked Giants at work

Maybe you think naked Giants don’t go to work.

Well you would be wrong.

The naked Giants have a giant job to do in the Northwest.

The naked Giants are charged with cleaning the chimneys.

The volcanic chimneys.

Yesterday they were helping the family near Bend.

The three Sisters, Bachelor, husband and broken top.

The volcanoes are tall and that requires the naked Giants to stand one on top of the other

And to use giant sequoias from California to scrub out the ash.

Washington, Jefferson, and Mt Hood are next on their schedule.

Then on to St Helens, Adams, and Ranier.

Each mountain the same, lift the Snow White lid,

Shove the Giant Sequoia brush deep down the throat, scrub up and down,

And then, slowly, pull it out being careful not to cover the volcano in ash.

If the giant sequoia has caught fire, pee on it to extinguish the flames and continue.

I don’t know who they work for, maybe the BGM, Bureau of Giant Management.



Naked Giants bowling

The naked Giants are bowling in the sky,

And the dog is under the bed.

Their huge bowling balls rumble down the lane

High above, then closer to my roof.

It’s funny though, first the flash of light,

And then the roll of thunder, as the

Heavy balls slam into the pins at the end of the alley.


My dog quakes and the naked Giants laugh

At such sport.

Rumblety rumblety boom a lacka boom crack boom- a strike!

On and on in the middle of the night the league of naked giant bowlers shake the skies

And my bedroom and scare my dog unseen now

Trembling and waiting for the next ball.

Small town boy