My dog doesn’t meditate

It’s a dog’s life, right? Tawny thinks so.

I don’t see her meditating, often begging or looking humble, but not deep in thought.

She drinks out of  mud puddles, rolls in dead birds or dead fish,

And she’s nuts about rocks.  She tosses them on the sand and digs craters around them.

She’s sleeping now.

It’s rainy and windy at the coast today, but

She’s a water dog and she goes out to pee or dump or smell the smellls.

Maybe it’s her acute sense of smell that allows her to be mindful and in the moment.

Her only anxiety is when I get the ball and the flinger and head for the beach,

And then she dances, right if front of me all the way to the beach..

Is dance anxiety? Or the way to remove anxiety.

For her it’s cathartic

I used to have dogs that dreamed and legs a flying and muffled barks to accompany,

But I don’t think Tawny dreams. I could be wrong about that.

If she would meditate, would that mean she has chakras? Seven of them? A third eye?

I don’t know what she would be doiing with  them, she barely understands when I’m meditating; she just wants to be with me.

Does she have a sixth sense about this?

What is her vibration? 4th dimension? Her former lives? Has she always been a dog?  Was she a dung beetle before, or a prince? Does she have spirit guides? Or is she my spirit guide. I’ll have to think about this.

OK, I may be wrong. Perhaps part of her napping, like me, is meditation, guided or no?

I often wonder what she’s wondering about me?

I think it’s, “When are we going to play on the beach?”

-Small town boy


Today He was a Seal.

Today he was a seal,

Yesterday, a huge black bear.


Edgar the Glorius (he told me his name)

Guardian of the beach here on the Oregon Coast.

Edgar is a stump, charred by beach fires that didn’t consume him.

Left from who knows what tree, or from where, or why.

Now Edgar is my friend, and I go down to the beach daily to see how he’s doing.

The trip down to the beach, around Edgar and back is about the same distance as going around the park with my dog in corvallis.

Oh, yeah, my dog, a golden retriever, red in color, 12 years old, named Tawny goes too.

She’s not there to visit Edgar, she’s there to dig craters around the rock she threw in the sand,

Over and over. It’s easy to find my way back. Just follow Tawny’s craters!

But that’s another story.

Now just look at him, up close and personal.  The fires have brought out his best side, his history, his true grain, his inner structure.

Gaze a while and see the beautiful veins of his body now wasting as driftwood, each summer burned a little more.

Sometimes I will see tracks of his deer friend.

When he first came, he was not charred and had a tall friend acting as sentinal.  The little man on my walking stick stood in awe.

But this tall fellow didn’t have the staying power and though I would resurrect him when I went to the beach, I fear he fell victim to the beach fires or washed again out to sea.

This morning the tide was around his waist. This afternoon with a -1 tide, it was a football field away. I check on these things, daily. He is my landmark.

I was talking to him today since the tide was so far away, and I thanked him for the only seat on the beach.

And then I told him I would write about him when I got back to the beach house.

So that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I will read it to him, to show my respect and gratitude.

When the tide goes out again.

-Small town boy

PS Go back and look at him again.  See the black bear? 

The Moon and the Ocean

The moon and the ocean went out last night.

The moon serene in her beauty,

And the ocean turbulent and gregarious.

Said the moon, “Come to me my darling.”

Said the ocean, “I yearn.”

Together they danced the evening away.

The moon illuminated the night and reflected on the undulation of her waves meant to reach out to the sky.

And the ocean roared with a surging spirit bringing to life all that she touched.

Even those who viewed from afar vibrated with the pair of star crossed lovers,

It was said that it was vainglorious, stupendous, and egregious.

Who am I said the moon to merit such a lover?

Who indeed said the ocean, used to the moon’s periodic waxing and waning,

Causing her to ebb and flow with monthly menses.

You are the apple if my eye, though we are separated by distance and astrophysics,

And I love you and respond to your every phase, new to full, crescent by crescent.

(Though your eclipse nearly brought me to ecstasy,)

I frolic, unclothed, each month as you fill me up a shimmering on my bosom.

And you fill yourself as well, to your peak intensity, collapse in orgasm, and repeat;

You can see my wave caps and horsetails flash in the night in responsiveness.

But the moon in humble response says, “Nay, nay, fair lady of the deep.”

For it is I who in monthly cycles dim and brighten only for your sweet kiss,

Never to be.

Though we have been thus for eons, ages, and many months,

Our love does not diminish, lessen, nor conceal.

And so my sweet, let us continue the dance.

You on Terra, full of life,

And me high above you, your greatest spiritual guru.

Praise the heavens!

Praise the Earth!


– Small town boy

A cape is a bay with only one side

Sitting in Stimulus Coffee House and Bakery in Cape Kiwanda,

It comes to me, watching the cape, that a cape is a bay with one side.

I mean if it had two sides it would be Kiwanda bay? Right?

If Depoe Bay had one side, would it be Cape Depoe? Yes?

How many times did you find yourself confined on two sides, wishing it were one?

Would you feel less confined if you were restricted on one side only?

Would you be free?

How would you use your new freedom while still respecting the remaining confinement?

Is it still confinement if only on one side?

Should you escape to the open ocean,

Or build a jetty to protect yourself?

Sit, my friend, and ponder as you enjoy God’s geophysics and

A stormy day on the beach

Near Cape Kiwanda,

Home of the dory fleet.

-Small town boy

I am an empath

Whatever you’re feeling,

I’m feeling.

I treat you as you treat me,

An emotional echo.

I don’t do this on purpose,

But by nature.

If you unload pent up emotions on me,

I will unload mine on you,

Usually full of Love .

All I have to give, all I have in me,

Is what you’ve given me.

I am timid, but become brave with your gift,

Willing to stand with you, be an ally, be your Paraclete,

By sensing your emotions and mirroring them.

I am an empathetic

All I have is you

And Him.

– Small town boy

On Valentine’s Day I will give all my love away

I will give you love on February 14, Valentine’s day.

I will give love to anyone and everyone I meet, until it is gone.

I have love to give my family, lots and lots.

I have love to give my dear friends, oh so much.

I have love to send to those I once loved and still carry in  my heart.

My love will go to my dog, a golden retriever named tawny,

Because she is a love sponge and will take all I can give.

Love one another as I have loved you, so

I will love the stranger on the road, the homeless in the shelter, and those without.

But I have love for the rich and powerful too!  Even he  who  must not be named.

I’m not sure how much love  I have, but I will give and  give untiil I have none left.

How much do you want? You can help yourself to as much as you want or need, and 

Thereby help me to empty my heart.

When I was 75 I gave love notes to 36 people, telling them “I love you.”

But that didn’t seem to diminish the love I held on to.

I have loved my spouse for 45 years or more, and while it wains and wans, it is just as strong as ever.

Tell me  anything else that grows as you try in vain to give away only grows and 

Maintaains the fullest  level you can retain.

It doesn’t work to give it away..

It only diminishes when you keep it, as in a bottle, corked, and unable to go to others.

You don’t have to hate others to lessen the love  you have, ignoring, keeping them at a distance,

Spending it all on yourself or things or closing your eyes and your heart,

Will decrease the love you have to share?

No, not even that, for as soon as you hold another in your arms, your heart burns brightly again.

So try as I might, whether on Vaentine’s day or otherwise, There is no end to the love I can  give,

As there is no end to the love.

So dear one, I love you, and hold you in my heart, forever.



I am a nudist. Can you tell?

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me nude on the beach?

Nude doing housework?

Nude on a hiking trail?

Then how do you know?

How do you know how much it means to my skin?

How do you know that I’m happier?

I feel that as a nudist, I need to be nude, as much and as often as possible.

I believe in social nudity, not just at the nudist club where I am a member, but

In public too, with you.

I have been in countries where public nudity is accepted.

The accommodation to nudity in public is the same as in a private club.

One is not excited about anyone who is without clothing.

It is a common thing, and reasonable since we are all nude at sometime.

So come be with me when I’m nude,

And maybe you will want to too?

Or at least get used to it and relax,

Because you will be seeing a lot more of me!

In the dark of the night

In the dark of the winter night

I lay awake, thinking of you and me.

I remember sunny treks in the Rockies,

You far ahead,

Me watching thunderclouds.

I remember when the rocks around the fire

Blew apart.

Fortunately we were higher up

Picking dandelion greens and miners lace

For our salad.

I remember hiking back to our 4WD,

Only to find a dead battery, miles from a road.

But we also found a hand throttle, a hand choke, and a hand crank!

The 67 Nissan Patrol was well prepared for just such an emergency.

We drive that way, starting with a crank, until we reached Gunnison where they fixed it (though the generator would plague us for the time we still owned it).

What an adventure

That I relived


In the middle

Of the dark night

Thinking of you

And me.

Thanks for all the memories.

– Small town boy

Self Reliance

One of the principals of Burning Man is

Radical Self Reliance.

I want to rely on myself more.

For approval, for direction, for completing tasks.

No more, Is this OK? Or Does this look good? Or You decide.

I can validate myself, if I only focus and intend 

To be myself.

To find out who myself is I meditate and sit quietly and pause.

Beneath my mental rantings, my insecurities, my ‘please others’ stressor,

Lies myself, waiting to be.

He is a shy fellow, not used to be consulted in these matters, but

With use and exerise he will strengthen in his resolve to be.

To be felt, acknowledged, relied upon.


Intuition is the key, along with lack of expectation.

Arrive at the moment and listen.

What happens next is miraculous,

Small surprises, great moments of happiness, joy d’verve.

Looking back I see what myself can do

Cooperating and enjoying the universe moment by moment.

Simplifying life, one sense at a time.

I think I will eat a strawberry now.

Tht color, the texture,, the smell, the taste,

It is all too much.

Sensory overload.

I think I will enjoy my strawberry one sense at a time.

See how beautiful it is? Look at the seeds, the leaves, the variation in colors, the texture.

Wow, even one sense at a time overwhelms the soul.

Myself grows.

– Small town boy

The gun virus

It wasn’t a virus really, but

It acted like one.

People blamed Israel because of uzis.

They blamed Russia because of AK-47’s.

But the truth is no one knows where it came from.

But they know what it does.

It causes the firing pin not to fire.

Even replacing it with a new pin doesn’t work.

Guns don’t fire.

People who have spent a lot of money on guns are mad.

Police are frantic, military too.

Now robbers still use them and shout “BANG!”

The news is full of robbery, murder, and war that no longer rely on guns.

Knives have replaced guns for the most part, but that’s another story .

Archery has picked up.

People still kill people, but not with guns.

What’s next?

Hmmm, my car won’t start?

– Small town boy